Foundation Projects

The Focus Project

The Focus Project is a fast-paced initiative to fund and/or implement the project that the Marlborough College Charitable Foundation has identified as being the school’s most pressing need.

While the Focus Project is top priority on the MCCF to-do list, the list itself is long. Whatever your special interest (academics, sports, culture, the arts), please consider helping us complete the Focus Project so we can achieve our goals quickly and move on to the next area that needs attention.

Feb - Apr, 2011 — Gold & Blue

The Focus Project of the Marlborough College Charitable Foundation for January-February, 2011 is establishing Gold & Blue. It’s a fresh approach designed to secure a wide group of sponsors each donating $100 a month for three years. This renewable membership is a 100% tax-deductible donation and offers these privileges:

  • Gold & Blue networking socials held twice a year
  • Principal’s breakfast
  • Members-only badge
  • Your name on an honours board
  • Commemorative wall plaque
  • A personal invitation to all major College events

Gold & Blue sponsorship is open only to individuals. Corporate sponsorship of MCCF is always welcome and appreciated, but Gold & Blue is all about people making a personal declaration that Marlborough is a special place in the world, that Marlborough Boys’ College has the potential for greatness, and that the Marlborough men of tomorrow are worth our time, effort and financial commitment today.

Gold & Blue Membership

A commitment to donate $3600 over three years. Installment options include:

  • $100 a month for three years
  • Three annual payments of $1200
  • A single up-front payment of $3600

Foundation Objectives

  • Securing financial stability for Marlborough Boys' College by seeking donations and grants
  • Funding a school environment where excellence is expected and achieved
  • Igniting and maintaining a close relationship between the school and the community
  • Preserving and celebrating more than 100 years of history at Marlborough Boys' College
  • Providing a networking forum for sponsors and Old Boys