Areas of Endowment


Funding of academic success over and above the level financed by the Ministry of Education takes various forms. For example, the Foundation may fund the recruitment and salary (or partial salary) of teaching staff of national or international renown. It may engage such an individual long term, for a fixed timeframe, on a “teach the teacher” basis, or as a visiting specialist to interact with and directly instruct the students. Ultimately, academic funds may also provide scholarships for gifted or talented students to participate in special study opportunities and/or compete on the national and international level.

External Activities

Hands-on, outside-the-classroom study enables students to put theory into practice. Biology excursions to explore habitat; field trips to observe the recycling process; team-building camps to bring year-groups together—lessons held in the great outdoors are memorable and engaging for young people. There is no better way for the community to see Marlborough Boys’ College in action and for Marlborough’s boys to see their community at work. Connecting the college and the community through external activities is a priority for the Foundation.


Fundraising is an important aspect of developing team spirit and pride. The Foundation does not plan to replace team fundraising efforts, but rather hopes to work alongside parents, team members, coaches and organisations to further the opportunities available to Marlborough Boys’ College teams and individuals who will represent the school and the province in a wide array of sporting interests and events.

The Arts

Marlborough’s most enduring legacy is the extraordinary standard of performing arts achieved in this very small and very capable community—a rewarding result of the strong arts ethos found in our Colleges. The Foundation will dedicate resources to ensuring continued excellence in instrumental music, drama, choir, literature, performance and formal art classes. We believe passionately in funding performance and study opportunities that will nurture the considerable talent within the student body, and give our boys the incentive and inspiration to develop their own confidence and ability, whether on stage, in supporting roles, or in exhibition.

Foundation Objectives

  • Securing financial stability for Marlborough Boys' College by seeking donations and grants
  • Funding a school environment where excellence is expected and achieved
  • Igniting and maintaining a close relationship between the school and the community
  • Preserving and celebrating more than 100 years of history at Marlborough Boys' College
  • Providing a networking forum for sponsors and Old Boys